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Day 1 – 18 May to 19 May

After a beautiful dinner provided by Gloria, Hope and I stayed with Evaline on Sunday night. We nearly had a bit of a disaster on Monday morning. I slipped and fell down the stairs going downstairs at Evaline’s house. I could easily have broken bones, but the only damage I sustained was a few bruises and cuts.
Hope took us out to the airport and we got there at about 11.30 am. We were able to check in straight away and we then sat with Hope in the Public area for about an hour.
The plane left for Singapore at 2.30 pm. We had a window seat and two aisle seats – so we were all together. I sat on the inner aisle seat and had an empty seat beside me. A younger couple sat on the other side of the empty seat next to me (the man seemed a bit older – so it could have been father and daughter – but somehow I did not think so). They never said one word to one another throughout the whole trip!!! That’s a long time to sit next to someone you evidently know quite well and not say anything!!! Although I did hear of someone who fell out with his wife and she did not speak to him for 4 days!!! Maybe I caught this couple in middle of such a situation. The flight takes 7 ½ hours to get to Singapore.
We had a wait of about 3 hours at Singapore. Andrew and I did as walk around the airport – it is a wonderful airport for going for a walk – it must be at 3 to 4 kilometres from the end of Terminal 3 to the end of Terminal 1. I nearly had another situation at the airport. I was distracted because I was trying to get a Woollies Sim card to work in my mobile. I left my carry-on bag sitting on the middle of the floor – not even near a seat. About 15 minutes later I noticed my bag was missing. This caused me to panic somewhat. I went to where I thought I must have left it and sure enough there it sat in the middle of the floor with a Security person viewing it with great suspicion. I went up and grabbed it apologising and saying I got distracted. But it could easily have resulted in a bomb squad being called in. I don’t know what would have happened to me if it went that far! I am very thankful that I was alerted to the fact that I did not have my bag before it got to that.
We left Singapore at 11.30 pm - this time we were in the A380 (the biggest passenger plane). Again we had adjoining seats – one in the middle and two aisle seats. This flight takes 13 ½ hours – it tests your patience a lot more. I gave Bill a ½ sleeping pill and he slept for about 7 hours in one stretch. He did very well. Andrew slept fairly well too. I had what I felt were a few snatches of sleep – but Andrew said he noticed that I was sleeping quite a bit. Compared with 70 years ago we are very well looked after when we travel now - comfortable seats (and you do have more leg room on international flights), plenty of refreshments, beautiful meals and your individual theatre with a whole range of movies and music and also iPads/puzzle books plus any other book you bring on board. Again, I had an empty seat next to me (which is great) and another passenger on the other side of the seat. He was a very polite young man and he curled up in a ball and slept for the vast majority of the flight. The hostess woke him for meals and he politely responded and ate his meal and then resumed his ball like pose and went to sleep again. I thought he would be so stiff when he got to the end of the trip, that he would be unable to stand up. But he got up quite happily looking as fresh as ever.

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